Cancer Patient With Divine Cigarettes From Malang

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From Jakarta Post of May 19, 2010, report claimed that it has, to a point, successfully treated cancer patients by way of smoking “Divine Cigarettes.” These modified cigarettes are the brain child of Greta Zahar, a nano-chemistry scientist who has been helping thousands of patients suffering from this killer disease. Her research had a time span of at least more than a decade. Her Divine Cigarettes help to detoxify the ailing system of the cancer patient. It aids in particular detoxification of dangerous metals in the blood stream like, mercury for instance. She has dubbed it the ‘balur’ process.

The treatment consists of opening the pores of the patient by means of rubbing and smacking the skin. When all the pores have been opened the smoking process begins. The patient is going to be enveloped in the smoke of the Divine Cigarettes which penetrates the open pores. The patient himself is also smoking the cigarette.

Although she has been treating about 30.000 cancer patients in this way for the past ten years in her clinic in East Jakarta, her healing treatment only enjoyed recent publication after a molecular-biologist from Malang, Prof. Sutiman and GP Saraswati Subagio bore witness to this healing method. Their spouses entirely recovered from this deadly disease. Not all the patients were cured said the report. Some patients did not complete the cure. Most of the patients were in the third and fourth stage of cancer.

Another cancer patient, Murray Clapham, who has been battling cancer for twelve years and who last year had been confined to a wheel chair underwent Greta’s treatment since he knew that he only had about 6 months to live. His health improved so much which made him quite convinced that the treatment is not just a promotional effort to boost the use of tobacco. In his words he admitted that he does not claim complete healing, but many other health problems disappeared and cancer related problems appear to have been minimized.

Another woman, named Ala, suffered from liver cancer and was given 8 months to live. As she thought she had nothing to loose this woman took Greta’s treatment. Her health also improved. It has been 21 months since her doctor proclaimed her death sentence, she said. People would never know that she is a cancer patient by her looks.


Not surprisingly, the above story has provoked a flurry of contradictory comments. Is not smoking bad for one’s health? The news brought over some friends of Ala Sulistyono from Australia who were amazed at the treatment’s results.

Nicotine is a compound that is miscible with water, said Greta, and it easily penetrates the skin. The smoke could reduce the amount of toxins in the body into nanoscale and extract them from the body. When she heard that Murray Clapham wrote an op-ed about her “balur” treatment she laughed and said that it was a waste of time to seek scientific acknowledgement. “I am trying to help people,” she said. In other words she is not after recognition and fame.

Sutiman is of another opinion. He intends to delve deeper into the matter. But research needs funding. Much more evidence is needed before they could publish their findings in international science journals.

Even so, patients who were cured with ‘healthy smoking’ that so far is still to be thought of as an unscientific healing process, could name it a miracle healing touch.

This proves once again that miracles are not out of this world.

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