Emerging of Nano Technology: Size of the Small, the High Strength

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Nanotechnology is now increasingly rapid development. Nanometer itself means one by one billionth of a meter, so the technology is also related to the creation of small objects. In it joined the physics, engineering, molecular biology, and chemistry.

Albert Einstein himself, as part of his doctoral dissertation, to calculate the size of a sugar molecule from experimental data. The results of each molecule is about one nanometer. Nearly one hundred years later, has become the agenda nanometer many researchers.

But, really not all nano technology had truly nano. There were originally dealing with the structure of micron-size or one per one million meter, a thousandth, and larger than other nano. Nanotechnology in most cases is also not really a technology. However, more research form the basis of various structures with dimensions of one to hundreds of nanometers.

NanotechnologyAnother confusion, a number of nano technology has been used since. For example nano-size carbon black particles have been exploited as an additional placard tires since a hundred years ago. Vaccines are often comprised of one or more protein-dimensional nano-scale can also be included in these technologies.
Nature has a lot to create nanostructures. However, a more stringent definition might as submitted Mihail C. Rocco from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States. According to Mihail in the site Sciam.com , nano-technology has a number of important elements; dimensions between one and 100 nanometers, designed through a process of controlling the chemical and physical, and can be combined to form larger structures.
And, according to the definition of technology that actually exists. For example, combining several layers of material, each layer thickness of less than one nanometer, can produce sensors for disk drives are more sensitive. Since its introduction 1975, these magnetic products have become the growth drivers of the data storage industry.

Increasingly smaller size of electronic chips is also a factor that fosters interest in nano technology. Computer company that has a large laboratory, such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard, incorporating a nano in its activities. As the conventional silicon electronic equipment is not used anymore, maybe ten or 25 years, we can be sure the electronic equipment, nanotechnology will replace it.

Outside of biology and electronics, nano particles are used to improve the quality of products daily. For example a company called Nanophase Technologies has made a particle of zinc oxide for sunscreen products (sunscreen), so the cream is usually white turn transparent.

Dream Technology

U.S. government itself has its own agenda for nano technology. They want to create nano-size material which can reduce the size, weight, and needs a power source from the spacecraft, making environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and form the basis for biodegradable pesticide.

Each study has its own risks. However, nano technology has its own problems. The desire to make it happen as a rule of science that is often mixed with respectable association of futurists who see the nano as a way to techno-utopian, such as the industrial world without pollution, wealth without limit, even the wish to achieve eternal life.

In 1986 for example, appears the book Engines of Creation by K. Eric Drexler is quite popular. This book describes a number of nano machine that is capable of producing virtually all types of goods, and eliminate the problem of global warming, cure disease and prolong life dramatically.

For the non scientists, the dream of Drexler on nanotechnology is seen as a bridge connecting the world of science and fiction. Scientists who've always wanted to find a solution would also be interested to talk about the product or machine delay aging food grower.

Indirectly, Drexler's work may also be a really interesting man jumped into the scientific world. As a subgenre of science fiction books, Drexler technology works like a Star Trek movie that encourages interest in the teenager will space so that eventually a career in astrophysics or aeronautics.

Among the chemists and scientists are now becoming experts nanotechnology, Drexler prediction has its own curiosity. Because until now not been able to be created nanoscopics machines are for example able to help revive the brain that have been frozen.

Zyvex, a company that is interested in nano technology Drexlerian style, has experienced how difficult it is to create nanometer-sized robot. So, the company is now more satisfied handle larger mikromekanis elements.
Beyond the problem was, the world of nano technology is still struggling to integrate the views. Some research will continue to run whatever it is. IBM will continue to build products such as magnetoresistive regardless of whether the research is nanotechnology or not.

For example, nano concept can be put together, the technology could become the basis for the new industrial revolution. To be successful, the technology does not only need to discard the dream of generating nano robot bodies but also eliminates the excessive rhetoric. More importantly, nano science base must move to identify the type of nano technology that should be realized.

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